Bicycle Fit by Bespoke Cycles



The Bespoke Philosophy on Fit

We take a holistic approach to the bike fit process, attending to the details of the connecting points between you and your bicycle. For us, bicycle fitting is not just about optimizing your performance, it is first about your health, comfort, and confidence. Our fit is not a cookie cutter approach. You are a unique individual and your goals and background figure strongly into how we approach your bike fitting. Once you have that relationship to your bike, everything else comes together to create an efficient, intuitive ride.

What is Included in a Complete Bespoke Fit

    •  Detailed Rider Interview
    •  Qualitative and quantitative Physical Assessment
    •  Flexibility Assessment
    •  Leg Length Discrepancy Analysis
    •  Cleat/Shoe Alignment
    •  Q angle and pedal stance assessment
    •  Footbed Assessment
    •  Saddle Fit Assessment using gebioMized pressure mapping
    •  Dual sided Video Analysis using 3d motion capture
    •  Handle Bar/Stem/Saddle/Seatpost re-positioning
    • Designed to benefit road,triathlon,cross,track and mountain cyclist

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What to expect

Starting with an interview that takes into account your physical history, we ask about your lifestyle and your goals. Successful analysis relies on quantitative and qualitative data. We perform a functional assessment of your flexibility, body alignment, and physical limitations to personalize your experience. Next, your existing bike measurements are documented with Retul’s “Zin” digitizing tool. Further examination of the measurements determine which adjustments may be needed during the on-the-bike evaluation process. Your position is then replicated on our Retul Muve sizing bike. All Bespoke fittings are performed on our size cycle, ensuring we attain your optimal position. We use the Retul Motion Capture Bike Fit System on both sides of the body to accurately gauge your cycling biomechanics and efficiency. Your final position is then re-digitized and positioned on your bike.

The next step is saddle fitting and we are excited to offer gebioMized pressure mapping as our process to accurately fit.  The saddle supports approximately 60% of your body weight and with the gebioMized system we can help you discover in minutes the pressure points that can manifest after multiple hours on the bike. With this system we can make adjustments to the position of the saddle to limit these pressure points and make recommendations as to the best fitting saddle for you without the trial and error we would be dealing with if not for this device.

After all these detailed processes are complete you can then head out onto the road knowing we will continue work with you to make further adjustments as needed. For customers looking to build a new bike with us, the complete bike fitting is 100 percent necessary for us to move forward with designing a frame.

This integration of the art of fitting, guided by an expert in biomechanics, utilizing the best that technology offers the rider, is what makes a Bespoke Cycles fit the best you can experience anywhere. Your Bespoke tailored position will summon your power, reduce fatigue and bring results you will feel.

What to bring

  • Bike with pedals
  • Padded Cycling shorts and jersey or form fitted shirt
  • Cycling shoes and socks
  • Be prepared to be riding a bike for an hour and a half.

Cost: $300 | 3 hours

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Additional Ala Carte Fit Services

  • gebioMized Saddle Fitting (included in complete Retul Fit)
  • Custom Insoles by Retul
  • Pedal and Cleat Positioning (included in complete Retul Fit)
  • Frame Design. Not only do we offer the finest in handmade frames, but an accurate frame sizing can help guide you to the bike of your dreams, whether we sell it or not.
  • Existing Frame Size Evaluation