Bicycle Service

Full service repair shop

Now offering a “Pick up & Drop off” Service to clients in the San Francisco Area.

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At Bespoke our primary focus is offering the highest quality repair service in the industry. We achieve this through our thorough assessment and consultation of your bicycle in our exclusively quiet residential neighborhood. If riding is your passion as much as it is ours we recommend you bring your bicycle in for servicing quarterly to make sure that no problems go unchecked. With regular service intervals we can assist you with keeping your bicycle at optimal performance. 


Wheel Building

Wheel building is a primary focus for our shop. We offer an array of options for rims, hubs, and spokes and we have worked very closely with the manufacturers of each component to understand their particular design characteristics and requirements. When we build your wheels each and every component is painstakingly inspected and serviced before assembly. Even a brand new hub gets a thorough service to insure proper lubrication and assembly. We use the most precise service tools available to check each spoke for tension dozens of times through the wheel building process. This ensures that we meet the manufacturer tolerances of each component in the wheel.


Bicycle Assembly

Every bicycle we sell at Bespoke Cycles San Francisco is assembled in-house from the bare frame up. We provide a high quality inspection to every component prior to the build beginning with a check of the frame for alignment and preparation of each component interface . Each component is confirmed for compatibility. Cranks and chainrings are disassembled and lubricated and all small parts are installed to manufacturer specifications. Wheels are tensioned and trued to dish and roundness. This process takes about five hours + to insure that everything is done properly from start to finish ensuring a smooth and safe ride.


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